The spring has come. One of the most beautiful season in the mountains of Ronda. The countryside is full of colorful wildflowers. The wheat field moves as the warm wind blows, just like a green sea, and all among them, the “Amapola” .(wild red poppy)

The best way to enjoy these dreamy scenery is walking. As we are located next to the medieval wall of historical town, we are in the countryside. You can start from Hotel Alavera de los Baños easy hiking courses from 0 km till 12 km, without driving your car.

We would like to introduce some beautiful hiking courses from our hotel. It is easy, scenic and historical. After hiking, could be delightful to relax in our garden with refreshing swimming pool.

Tajo de abanico, 5 km from our hotel

Tajo del abanico de Ronda

Tajo del Abanico, named for the cliff (Tajo) that looks like a fan (abanico in spanish), is a gentle walk measuring about 5km from our hotel . It is of low difficulty, and takes you to a river valley filled with wildflowers and herbs like rosemary and thymes. The legend tells that that cave was where the bandits were hiding. There is a lots of shady parts in the road.

Pilar de Coca (Circular walk 12 km)

Pilar de Coca de Ronda

This road has a changing landscapes, passing through the dry land, the vineyards, the aqueduct that provided water to Ronda historically, and the oaks trees that give shade …At 6 km arrives at the “Pilar de coca” fountain, where there are abundant waters from the mountain that formerly for being an important point in the roads of Ronda, was a place to give drink to the animals for transportation. Currently animals are replaced by hikers and cyclists. You can see the historical stone brick construction blocking the water well in the area. In total 12km. Also ideal for a short bike ride.

Virgen de la cabeza, 4km from our Hotel

Virgen de la Cabeza de Ronda

This X century´s Christian church of Mozarabic(Christian cult in the arabic age) origin is located right on the rock in front of Ronda town. Where you can enjoy the stunning panorama of Ronda with its bridge. The path goes through the olive trees and it is quite sunny. An easy and comfortable walk so you may see many locals walking too.

Gorge of Ronda, 5km from Hotel

It is a spectacular path, surrounding the Gorge of Ronda from below. A cliff that rises up to 100m in height. The road reaches till the bottom of the Guadalevín river gorge, passes through the arabic walls, the mills, the vineyards and small picturesque farms, You will walk always accompanied by the view of the new bridge of Ronda.

Campo de amapolas en primavera en Ronda